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Available with all accounting, ERP and MRP packages


Shipping integration available to all leading accounting packages including Navision, Oracle, SQL Server, MAS 500, MYOB, MAS 200, MAS 90, Everest, SAP, ACCPAC, Great Plains, EPICOR and more...

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IBS Shipping Automation Modules

Systems Integration

One of the most important aspects of a shipping system is the degree to which it can integrate into an organization’s larger information environment. If the shipping system can easily and reliably interface with other software applications and hardware, it can provide significant benefits to the entire company such as improved customer service, better quality control, and reduced operating costs. Clippership can include an optional integration tool that allows systems integrators to connect and extend the base functionality of Clippership. Whether you want to connect to a host system for order updating or need access to information from a client/server database, Clippership can meet your systems integration requirements.

Automated LTL functionality

Automated bill of lading and package/pallet label printing, to include carrier pro-number, can be produced with our automated LTL module. We can also support most carrier rate tariffs for fast and easy bill reconciliation.

Custom Email Notification

Sending your customer an email notification will not only thank them for their business, it will provide them with shipment tracking details that will decrease your customer service calls and can even drive clients back to your web site for potential additional business.


Customers you work with have the potential to supply you with many types of file formats (XML, EDI, FTP, CSV, TXT, XLS …etc) for their order fulfillment. We can enable you to import these orders fast and easy resulting in you being able to do business with virtually any customer large or small.

Web / Email Reporting Capabilities

IBS can build web-reporting sites and scheduled email reports for your customers to view and interact with their data. We can display data from virtually any type of host system platform. This adds value to your service and reduces customer service phone calls.

Batch Processing

Process multiple orders through Clippership and have the labels print sorted by product codes (or any other criteria) for wave product picking or full pallet labeling. The batch process can also be used for large project fulfillment.

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