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Presorted Media Mail
IBS Presorted Media Mail Module Overview

Intelligent Business Systems, LLC has worked with clients throughout the country to enable them to take advantage of the savings Presort Media Mail has to offer. This includes variable weight machinable packages. (Small and large packages, thick envelopes, and tubes can be sent using Media Mail.)

Save $0.42 per package

with Presorted Media Mail

Our custom USPS Presort module rates and apply's sort codes to every carrier compliant label making it easy to sort pieces into respective sacks. Our end of day process is simple, providing a process to verify, close and create end of day reports. Reports include a Postage Statement, Itemized Manifest, Special Services report and an exception report for any pieces that didn't qualify and must be added to a mixed sort sack. A "Basic" sort provides a $0.39 discount and consists of approximently
22 sort locations.
See presort Return on Investment (ROI) calculator below for potential savings.

Eligibility Overview

Mailings of 300 or more addressed pieces are eligible for 5-digit and Basic sort rates. Generally used for books (at least eight pages), film (16 mm or narrower), printed music, printed test materials, video and sound recordings, play scripts, printed educational charts, loose-leaf pages and binders consisting of medical information, and computer-readable media. Media Mail includes specific types of Package Services matter that meets additional eligibility standards for single-piece and presorted rates. Advertising restrictions apply. Complete Qualification

Media Mail Package

Rates and Fees

Single-piece rates are based on weight only. Presorted rates: 5-digit and Basic rates are based on weight and level of presort. Our system figures out the sorting so you don't have to. All that is required is for you to sort the pieces to the correct bag specified on the Presorted Media Mail piece after processing.

Presort Discount

  • Basic sort discount $0.39.
  • Barcode discount $0.03.
  • Minimum Pieces required per mailing 300.

Barcoded discount

  • Available for Presorted Basic BMC rate machinable parcels that bear a correct barcode and are part of a mailing of at least 50 pieces.
  • Barcode discount does not apply to pieces mailed at the Presorted 5-digit rate.

Total Savings per piece $0.42 (Basic sort).

  Presorted Media Mail Label

How IBS can help

Getting your mailings approved by the USPS can be a challenging process. IBS will work with you, your local USPS account representative and the USPS BMEU Manager to make an easy transition from your current process.

  • Provide a sample application to help with completing your application.
  • Provide education on mailing requirements.
  • Explain mail sorting procedures.
  • Provide help with first sample mailing for approval.
  • Provide sample forms and procedures for USPS quality control procedures.
  • Provide instruction and automation for international customs forms.
  • Provide complete support for the system.

Our Presorted Media Mail and Standard Bulk Mail shipping solutions are already integrated with many book processing programs (Art of Books, Fillz, Indaba, Monsoon etc...), accounting packages, custom solutions and more in real time.

Processing overview:

  • Scan the order number
  • Retrieves the order information in realtime. (via odbc)
  • Reads the weight from the integrated scale.
  • Rates shops between sevices (if required) or selects the specified shipping method on the order. All carriers and service types can be run on one system
  • System rates at Basic sort rate for Presorted Media Mail. (Not single piece)
  • Prints the label. (To include the Presort code, if Presorted Media Mail)
  • Writes shipment information back to the order.
  • Ready for next package.
  • Processing time 2-6 seconds per package.

IBS Presorted Savings Calculator  Basic Presorted Media Mail savings. Includes estimated sort costs.

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